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CEI UPM is a public research center in Madrid with a strong research profile thanks to the participation in competitive projects and cooperation with industry partners. The main topics of our research are high frequency power converters, modelling and design of high frequency magnetic elements and employment of Wide Bandgap (SiC and GaN) devices in the latest power electronics applications.

Company profile

The Center for Industrial Electronics is a University based center, integrating interdisciplinary research groups (Electronics, Power Quality and Telecommunication), motivated to educate engineers and develop new concepts, to be transferred to the Industry. The goal of the Center is to foster the synergy around the industrial electronics in different terms:

  • Providing research areas: electrical energy conversion through electronics, embedded digital systems and power quality service.
  • Industrial program focused, but not limited, to aerospace, industrial, telecom and automotive industry.
  • Post-grad program. The master and doctorate program on Industrial Electronics bridges the industrial sector with the students,
  • Encourage of the interaction of the different companies involved in research activities in the CEI-UPM. The common and complementary research lines of the companies can be identified in order to create new research activities providing new solutions to the industry.

The goal of the Center is to foster the synergy around the industrial electronics in different terms.

Role in the project

Design and optimization of compact and highly efficient Power Electronics Building Block

Key contribution

Codesign of GaN devices and customized high frequency (MHz range) magnetic elements for compact Power Modules

Universidad Politécnica
de Madrid

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