Every Watt

... because they sum up
     to TeraW!

About the project

ALL2GaN ...

... is a direct response to the European Green Deal challenge and its goals to transform economies to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, without impeding economic growth and by the sustainable use of natural resources.

... will directly contribute to energy saving and cutting-edge green technology innovation as well as to a globally competitive and resilient European industry.

... presents a building stone toward the aim of the European Chip Act to create a European chip ecosystem. ALL2GaN is linking together major European stakeholders. They range from world class research, design, production, and application capabilities for industrial level development aiming to realize the latest advancements.

ALL2GaN enables an important step towards European tech sovereignty. ALL2GaN is based on a classical work package structure including 7 work packages. The work package structure follows the overall value chain, encompassing Technology (WP1-WP3), Integration & Packaging (WP4), Reliability (WP5) and Use Cases (WP6).

This project structure thoroughly supports the overall ALL2GaN objectives to increase the material and energy efficieny of GaN power RF technologies including all aspects from substrates to systems. The 45 project partners from 12 European countries are closely connected also beyond work package boundaries.