Every Watt

... because they sum up
     to TeraW!

Use Cases

The ALL2GaN project is a highly ambitious project that will carry out industrial research of affordable and green GaN technologies over a large field of climate challenge and social challenges relevant applications.

What makes the project unique is its holistic system level approach, which will consistently focus on a number of concrete goals but also on such diverse application scenario. GaN technology is the clear and undisputed solution for today and tomorrow for various applications with requirements for more power and performance, greater efficiency, and smaller size.

ALL2GaN addresses with 11 Use Case demonstrators the applications in which GaN based technologies are likely to provide a significant boost to the development. The use cases are focusing on 3 application fields: (1) Telecommunication, (2) Transport and (3) Data Centers, Renewable, Smart Grid and Smart City through various application specific developments.

Use Case 1:

High-efficiency RF amplifiers for mobile networks

(Lead: Chalmers)

Use Case 2:

Power Electronics Building Block

(Lead: TUE)

Use Case 3:

Railway application


Use Case 4:

Isolated Power Electronics Building Block

(Lead: UPM)

Use Case 5:

EV wireless charger


Use Case 6:

10kW Bidirectional DC EV-charger module

(Lead: AME)

Use Case 7:

Compact inverter for BLDC motor for ultra small vehicles

(Lead: NanoDesign)

Use Case 8:

Server Power supply

(Lead: Delta)

Use Case 9:


(Lead: Fronius)

Use Case 10:

GaN power converters for native DC microgrids

(Lead: 4FORES)

Use Case 11:

Power electronics for lighting applications

(Lead: Signify)