Every Watt

... because they sum up
     to TeraW!

European Impact

The results of the smart GaN “Integration Toolbox” will unleash the energy saving and material efficiency potential of GaN. This leads to an average loss reduction of 30% across the Use Cases. After roll-out to all addressable applications, the outcome is a long-term loss reduction of about 86 TWh (EU) which equivalents to about 43 Megatons of CO2 per year and that correlates to 437 TWh (worldwide) which equivalents to about 218 saved Megatons of CO2.

Project results will impact the European position in the GaN Power and GaN RF Technologies by:

  • Technological leadership in industrial GaN epitaxy and device manufacturing and thus safeguard Europe’s pole position for power semiconductors also for GaN devices by reaching unprecedented die size and drastic decrease of manufacturing cost.
  • Fundamentally new learnings regarding advanced metallization’s for interconnect over active GaN, electric field management, and defect reduction
  • Enable broad adoption of GaN power devices by reaching unprecedented ease of use and attractive cost position
  • RF-GaN-Si providing the ground for the fabrication of stable and reliable devices. Thus, enabling cost efficient 6G rollout.
  • Reliability know-how and digitalisation methods that shortens the development time of new GaN systems for the European industry and strengthen its global market position.