NanoDesign, ltd.

Spin-off company founded in 2007 with focus on research and development. In Nanodesign we have two main research objectives, power electronics and IoT sensor systems.

Company profile

Nanodesign is SME company with less than 15 researchers that are working on development of robustness testing devices for power electronic. In Nanodesign there is also IoT research and development department with main focus on telemedicine and environmental monitoring. Our next steps are leading to use our experience in power electronic to develop and integrate medium power BLDC inverter into motor housing.

Role in the project

Use case 7 leader as well as task leader in WP6 and partner in different WP5.

Key contribution

Development of GaN based inverter integrated into BLDC motor housing. Key objectives are buid 20kW BLDC inverter, use motor cooling system and reduce volume of whole drive unit.

NanoDesign, ltd.

Drotárska 19a
81104 Bratislava


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