Every Watt

... because they sum up
     to TeraW!


The ALL2GaN mission is substantiated through the set of eight overall objectives.

Objective 1

Push the limits of industrial GaN devices and system-on-chip approaches for ≤100V

Objective 2

Leverage the full potential of innovative substrates for GaN

Objective 3

Achieve novel benchmark solutions for lateral GaN devices and integrated circuits ≥650V

Objective 4

Reach best technical and cost performance of RF GaN on Si with novel integration concepts

Objective 5

Breaking the packaging limits by application driven integrated solutions of high performance GaN products

Objective 6

Advance the methods to evaluate and optimize reliability and robustness of GaN components, modules, and systems for shortest time-to-market and maximum product availability at the end user

Objective 7

Demonstrate highest affordable performance for greener power electronics and RF applications

Objective 8

Road-mapping for the future GaN technology development and applications to support long-term exploitation/business cases and European leadership beyond ALL2GaN