Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa

MGEP is an academic institution with a large experience in R&D in close collaboration with companies. Our expertise covers power semiconductor devices, drivers and power converters.

Company profile

MGEP is located in Mondragon (Spain). The university has a reliable and high-quality educational proposal, equipped with state-of-the-art technological facilities potentially capable of anticipating future changes. The university combines training, research and transfer with the vocation to guide all its activities in order to improve the competitive position of companies and organisations.

Role in the project

MGEP takes part in WP5. MGEP will test the electrical and thermal behavior of GaN devices to develop behavioral and easy to use GaN transistor models. Based on these models, MGEP hopes to develop gate drivers for GaN devices that protect the device under fault conditions. Finally, in order to use GaN devices in real power applications MGEP hopes to develop a method to obtain the conduction and switching power losses of GaN devices. This data is mandatory during the design process of the power converter.

Key contribution

MGEP has a large experience in industrial power applications and therefore we hope to contribute to the project with results and generated knowledge applicable to real power applications.

Mondragon Goi
Eskola Politeknikoa

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